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Remodeling Tips For Bathroom Projects

There is never a better time for a homeowner to really think about what they like and need than just before they begin a home remodeling project. This type of activity is not just something that will have the ability to make a home more or less attractive, but also controls comfort and can greatly contribute to the value of the home. One of the most detailed and frustrating projects is remodeling a bathroom. There are many choices that have to be made and each can add to the overall cost of the project greatly. Here are some ideas to help homeowners make better choices while planning their remodel.

Remember that bathrooms need a lot of light, storage and ventilation. Each feature is important, but the size and comfort factor of the bath or shower will supersede nearly every other factor. Always consider energy efficiency and water savings. Whenever something can be installed that will save future resources without sacrificing style or convenience, it will add to the value of the home. Finally, use sensible materials. Bathrooms are humid environments and can be messy. Be certain all materials make it possible to keep them clean and safe. In other words, avoid carpeting on the bathroom floor.


Another tip for bathroom remodeling is to include extra money in the budget, for a few reasons. First, there will always be something that is forgotten in the original plan. Also, when tearing out an old bathroom it is not unusual to find unexpected damage that needs to be repaired. This could be mold, water damage or old plumbing that should be replaced. In addition, the budget needs to sufficient to make certain that the materials and fixtures are high quality. Inferior products will wear out quickly in this wet and heavily used room.

Finally, when remodeling a bathroom, avoid the desire to shop online. It is nearly impossible to appreciate the scale of the item or to judge its quality by a tiny photograph on a website. Go to a showroom, look at the items and make certain they are exactly what is needed before making any investment. It can take a little longer to plan the work and do the job right, but this will ensure it will be more enjoyable and last for years.